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Punk/ Metal crossover shit with potty mouthed lyrics and the maturity level of group of prepubescent children, we like to call it Toilet Rock!!!

James Munro Drums
Hoon Trash - Bass/ vox
Gino Trash - Guitar/ vox
Brains Desfosses 
Vox/ Rusty Trombone

Down the Drain With the Gnar Gnars


Raunchy enough to make the Dayglo Abortions look polite and well-mannered, the Gnar Gnars are an obnoxious, filthy breed unto themselves. This metal-influenced punk outfit will slap your mom around if she’s stingy with the beer, and they really don’t give a fuck if you don’t like their attitude. With song titles such as “Tongue Punch the Fart Box” and “Weed, Feet, and Pussy,” you know this fearsome foursome won’t be singing about vegan rights and animal vivisection. These putrid purveyors of toilet rock are here to put the pee back in punk, but they also want the girls to know they are excellent lovers. “We’re gross, but in a sensual, romantic way,” claims singer Brainz Desfosses.


Composed of ex-members from Alcoholic White Trash, Lesbian Fist Magnet, and SOB, the Gnar Gnars are “singer” Brainz Desfosses, guitarist Gino “Lenny” Trash, bassist Hoon Trash, and drummer James Munro. The Victoria quartet hit the ground puking in 2013 and have been raising shit ever since. Releasing their first full-length album The Gnarnicles of Chronia on New Year’s Eve of 2016, the boys somehow tricked horror maven Nadine L’Esperance into shooting a disgusting video for the raunchfest that is “Hooker Piss.” Enough to make any decent human being shudder with revulsion and outrage, the video would make irrefutable and compelling evidence in a government obscenity trial. Hell, these bums should be locked up on general principle.


The Gnar Gnars have no political agenda, no urgent message to convey, and no deep wisdom to impart. This is good, dirty fun, and if Screamin’ Jay Hawkins had a dumpster baby with Gwar, the little monster would probably sound something like this. Set to conquer the world, the Gnar Gnars are more than happy to flush the whole stinking mess straight down the shitter if things don’t pan out. You’re all invited to help them plunge the toilet.  

Review Down the drain... by Chris Walter